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Dermatology Specialist

Temecula Valley Primary Care Physicians

Primary Care Physicians located in Temecula, CA

Are you worried about a rash, eczema, or some other skin issue you’re dealing with? The doctors at Temecula Valley Primary Care Physicians have more than 30 years of experience caring for adults and children with dermatology issues in Temecula, California. You can get relief from dryness, itching, and unsightly skin conditions in an easy-to-schedule visit with the primary care doctors. Call or book an appointment online today at Temecula Valley Primary Care Physicians to understand your skin condition and what can be done to help it.

Dermatology Q & A

What types of skin issues can a primary doctor help?

The doctors at Temecula Valley Primary Care Physicians are the first line of defense for many common skin issues. Some common skin issues primary doctors see include:

  • Eczema
  • Rashes
  • Acne
  • Rosacea
  • Bumps and growths
  • Cosmetic treatments
  • Hair and scalp problems
  • Scaly skin
  • General skin lesions

Often skin complaints can be managed easily with a visit to your family doctor, so you can be seen and treated more quickly without needing a dermatology referral.

What is the process for diagnosing a skin problem?

If you’re experiencing a problem with your skin, the doctors at Temecula Valley Primary Care Physicians take a comprehensive and wellness-based approach to understand your skin complaints.

Your visit begins with your doctor learning about your medical history, lifestyle, and symptoms. Your doctor inspects the area of your skin that is troubling you and may collect skin samples for testing, if needed.

Your doctor may ask about your diet and any skin care products you are using to determine if you have an allergy. Once your doctor identifies the cause of your skin problem and diagnoses your condition, you are given treatment options.

What are the treatment options for skin problems?

Your treatment will depend on the cause of your skin problem. In many cases, you can get relief by avoiding foods or skin care products that you’re allergic to or by finding safer options. Your doctor can recommend alternative products so you can replace anything that is causing problems.

For skin complaints caused by infection, your doctor prescribes antibiotics or antifungals and provides suggestions to improve your immune system to fight off viruses. If inflammation is an issue, anti-inflammatory medications may be part of your treatment.

In more serious cases -- like skin cancer -- your doctor refers you to a dermatologist for further testing and treatment.

What if I need a dermatologist referral?  

The medical team at Temecula Valley Primary Care Physicians has an extensive referral network that includes the best dermatologists in the area. Your doctor coordinates additional testing and treatment with a dermatologist so you get the care you need.

Skin complaints can be uncomfortable and unattractive, but solutions are available at Temecula Valley Primary Care Physicians. Get the help you need by calling or scheduling an appointment online today to improve the look and feel of your skin.