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Temecula Valley Primary Care Physicians provides health care from infancy to the teenage years. We offer the following services for our young patients:

Childhood Vaccines

Vaccines are a great way to protect your child from serious diseases. Vaccines help the human body to recognize these diseases early and prevent their spread throughout the community. Protect your child and ask our doctors about immunizing your child against the flu, mumps, measles, chickenpox, whooping cough and more.

School and Sports Physicals

As your child grows, so do their activities. Our office offers a variety of physicals to meet your needs. Whether it’s the first day of school or joining the varsity team, our doctors can ensure your child is healthy enough to meet the rising challenge.

Sports Injuries

As your child grows, they love to try out new things. Sports are a great way to keep active and healthy, but accidents do happen. When they do, our doctors can help treat your child’s injury and put them on the path to a speedy recovery.

Well-Child Checkups

Ensuring the health of a child is important to every parent. During a well-child check, our doctors will review safety, sleep, nutrition, developmental milestones and more. Schedule an appointment today and have your child checked. A healthy child is a happy child.

Wound Care

Bumps and scrapes are a normal part of being a child, but sometimes a cut can become something serious. If your child has a wound that is red and swollen or is not healing properly, schedule an appointment. Together our doctors can help you know what to look for, how to properly care for a wound and get your children back on their feet in no time.

Vision Screening

Children do many adorable and funny things, but is one of your child’s cute habits trying to tell you something? If your child is squinting, bringing objects close to their face, tilting their head or rubbing their eyes a lot, it could be a sign of vision problems. Talk to your primary care physician about any concerns you have about your child’s vision.


Temecula Valley Primary Care Physicians take seriously the growth and development of your child and use quality, compassion and care to ensure their health. To set up an appointment for your child today, please call us at (951) 296-5844 or use our request an appointment form to schedule an appointment. Our patients come to us from all over the greater Temecula Valley region, including Murrieta, Wildomar, Lake Elsinore, Hemet, Fallbrook, Temecula and other communities throughout southwest Riverside County, CA.


I have been a patient of Dr. Zebrack for 5 years since my move from San Diego to Temecula. I was initially concerned I wouldn't be able to find a good doctor to manage my family's health needs.
Dr. Zebrack is not only a very good doctor, he is also available for those times when a health issue arises and requires immediate attention.
I would also like to mention that the doctor is supported by a very professional staff who are very

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